HSOC Featured Story

With generous support from the B&B Stern Foundation, Dr. John Krige compiles an impressive array of scholars for the "America in the World" lecture series.

October 17, 2016
Katherine Epstein (Rutgers University)
“Seizing the Torch: Globalization, Hegemony, and the Anglo-American Relationship, 1865-1918”


January 23, 2017
Sarah Igo (Vanderbilt University)                
“The ‘Records Prison’:  Surveillance and Subjectivity Since the Sixties”


February 20, 2017         
Linda Weiss (University of Sydney)    

“Securing a Global Footprint: The U.S. National Security State as Driver of Transformative Technological Change”


March 27, 2017                
Steve Usselman (HSOC, Georgia Tech)

“Global Transport and Logistics Since 1945”


April 3, 2017                        
David Engerman (Brandeis University)

“Development Politics: The Economic Cold War in India“