Graduate Student Conference Presentations

Following are recent publications by members of the History and Sociology of Technology and Science M.S. and Ph.D. programs.

IAC CRIDC Graduate Student Paper Conference (January 2016)

Jonah Bea-Taylor, “Masking Vulnerability: How the Corps of Engineers Reduced Flooding in Miami and Houston.”

Rebecca Watts Hull, “Campus Commitments to Local, Sustainable Food Procurement: Trends, Benefits, Challenges, and Opportunities.”

Renee Shelby, “Whose Rape Kit? Aims, Realities, and Justice.”

Xincheng Shen, “City of Gold: A History of Human Waste Management in Shanghai, 1850-1949.”

Christopher Zakroff, “Bypassing Turbulence: Soviet Acoustic Science and the Technopolitics of the Jet Age.”

Sooa Lee, “A Multi-dimensional Approach to (South) Korean International Research Collaboration.”

Mario Bianchini, “Human Economics: Germany, Economists, and the Cold War.”

Emily Gibson, “‘Dans tous les ciels’: Air France and French Colonial Development in West Africa, 1948-1960.”

Kera Allen, “'I Was Supposed to Make Things Pretty': A Study of Workplace Culture for Women in the Computing and Information Technology Workforce."

ST Global (Washington, DC, April 2016)

Sooa Lee, "A Multi-dimensional Approach to (South) Korean International Research Collaboration," for the session Transnational Science and Technology Policy.

Midwest Sociological Society/North Central Sociological Association Joint Annual Meeting (Chicago, IL, March 2016)

Rebecca Watts Hull, "Organizational Variation in Change Processes: Winning University Sustainability Commitments,” for the session Exploring Sustainability: From Farms, to Breweries, to Universities.

Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) 2015  

Emily Gibson, “Air France—‘The World’s Largest Airline’: A Commercial Firm as the Chosen Instrument of France’s Colonial Mission, 1948–1950s.”

Brian Jirout,  “Civil Remote Sensing for Sale: Commercializing Landsat Image Use, 1978–1989.”