Graduate Theses and Dissertations

Dissertation Topics of Current Ph.D. Students

Jonah Bea-Taylor, "The Science of Coastal Protection and Anticipatory Planning at the Ports of Houston and Miami, 1950-1984." Thesis Advisor: Steven Usselman

Ron Dempsey, "Engineering's Gateway or Gatekeeper: The Role of Engineering Technology."  Thesis Advisor: Willie Pearson, Jr.

Emily Gibson, "Domesticating the Air: Feminism, Modernity and the Rise of Commercial Aviation, 1920-1970." Thesis Advisor: John Krige

Brian Jirout, "One Space Age Development for the World: The American Landsat Civil Remote Sensing Program in Use, 1964-2013." Thesis Advisor: John Krige

Paul McKittrick, "Modernity and the Spirit of the Sea." Thesis Advisor: Kristie Macrakis


Thesis Topics of Current M.S. Students

Kera Allen, "'I Was supposed to Make Things Pretty:' Workplace Culture for Women in Computing and Information Technology." Thesis Advisor: Willie Pearson, Jr.

Mario Bianchini, "People Not Data: A Collective Biography of German Post-War Economists, East and West." Thesis Advisor: Kristie Macrakis

Rebecca Watts Hull, “Organizational Variation in Change Agency: Explaining Sustainability at Three Georgia Universities, 1988-2010.”  Thesis Advisor: Bill Winders