HSOC Undergraduate Research Symposium

Advertisement for the fall 2019 HSOC undergraduate research symposium.

We hope you'll join us for the fall 2019 HSOC Undergraduate Research Symposium on Wednesday, November 20th from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM in the Hall Building, Room 102.  If you'd like to join us, PLEASE RSVP.  


9:00 — 9:05 AM            Welcoming Remarks- Dr. Laura Bier

9:05 — 9:10 AM            Dr. Carla Gerona and the Students of HTS 4814                                            
“Rethinking the Capstone”

9:10 — 9:25 AM            Haley Phillips                     
“The Expanding Politics of the Domestic Sphere, A Work in Progress”                         

9:25 — 9:40 AM            Emma Shumway                     
“Washerwomen and Wives: The Experience of Women in American Military Camps during the Revolutionary War”

9:40 — 9:55 AM            Morgan Bruce                     
“The United States and Iran: The Frenemy Story since 1953”                         

9:55 — 10:10 AM         Anne Rentz                     
“A Brief History of Workers’ Movements in Major Oil-Producing Nations of the Middle East and Their Responses to the Challenges of Western Capitalism”  

10:10 — 10:25 AM        Tytianna Harshaw                     
“How War and Policy has Affected Women in Iraq”

10:25 — 10:40 AM        Jamieson Hunt                                      
“Native American Women During the American Revolution”

10:40 — 10:55 AM        Coffee Break

10:55 — 11:10 AM        Claire Hill                     
“How Kuwaiti Women’s Roles Have Changed in Response to the Growth of the Oil Industry in the Middle East”

11:10 — 11:25 AM        Davis Schultz        
“Race, Class, and Gender in Early America: Black Women during the Revolutionary Era”
11:25 — 11:40 AM        Rachel Bonitatibus    
“Aramco in American Newspapers”

11:40 — 11:55 AM        Austin Varner            
“U.S. – Saudi Relations”     

11:55 AM — 12:10 PM  Anna Pethel            
“Femina Medicus: Women in Medicine During the Revolutionary War - A Work in Progress”

12:10 — 12:25 PM        Lunch

12:25 — 12:40 PM        Sarah Brock                         
“How Oil Changed Agriculture in Saudi Arabia”         

12:40 — 12:55 PM        Rachel Dekom                         
“‘Lessons in Resistance: Leftist Movements in Saudi Arabia and Palestine”                         

12:55 — 1:10 PM           Mary Lillian Ambler                     
“Unlikely Allies: US and Saudi Arabia”

1:10 — 1:25 PM             Peter Janoe                     
“In the Fight: Women Who Took Up Arms for the Revolution”