HSOC Undergraduate Research Symposium

Graphic for the fall 2021 HSOC Undergraduate Research Symposium

We hope you'll join us for the Fall 2021 HSOC Undergraduate Research Symposium on Wednesday, December 1st from 11:30 AM - 5:00 PM in the Hall Building, Room 102.  All are welcome and lunch will be served. 


11:30 AM- LUNCH 

12:00 PM- "American Revolutions: Doing History with Digital Storytelling and Interactive Maps" (Advisor: Dr. Carla Gerona)

Noah Thomas Robinson, Quincy Braylon Howard (The Georgia Gazette)

Ruoran Jia (David Ramsey's History of the American Revolution)

Esha Saini (Joseph Plumb Martin's Adventures, Dangers, and Sufferings of a Revolutionary Soldier)

Anushka Kibria, Etroy Jaylin Green (The Life of Isaac Granger Jefferson)

12:30 PM- “Sugarcane and National Identity in Matanzas, Cuba 1880-1960.” Teresa Cecilia Muñoz

12:45 PM- “The Judgement of Napa: An Environmental History of California Wine.” Jake Windham

1:00 PM- “An Environmental History of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin.” Jensen Fitzgibbon

1:15 PM- “Colonial Headwaters: How Years of Salmon Death, Dams, and Indigenous Resistance Have Shaped the Klamath River Basin from 1970-2016.” Noelle Pickard

1:30 PM- “Building Green: An Examination of Sustainability Strategies and Application in Architecture Since 1970.” Haley Theis

1:45 PM- “Sustainability in Vogue: A Cultural History of Sustainable Fashion.” Olivia Helena Villanova

2:00 PM- "Youth Mobility and Participatory Action Research in Clarkston, Georgia."  Hillary Dong and Kelsey Durick

2:15 PM- "Disaster Resilience and Youth Advocacy in Savannah, Georgia."  Phillip Carnell, Grace Swift, and Yihua Xu


2:45 PM- "Baltic Grain Trade and the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th Century." Aditi Choudhury

3:00 PM- "Evaluation of the CSX Railyard Contribution Towards Global Warming in Atlanta." Jaquez Jackson

3:15 PM- "The Emperor Has No Clothes: A Social Model for the Collapse of the Northwest Atlantic Cod Fishery." Andrew Thompson

3:30 PM- “Emerson and Environmental Ethics.” Jake Harmon

3:45 PM- "Exploring the Connection between Lake Lanier's Development and Forsyth County's History of Racism." Micah Maxie

4:00 PM- "The History of the Environmentalism Argument in Vegan Advocacy." Sam Wombough

4:15 PM- “Mistrust of Black Citizens of the COVID-19 Vaccine.”  Milan Riddick (Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Singh)

4:30 PM- “The Hong Kong Protest Across Mass Media in Canada and Australia."  Gina Loo (Advisor: Dr. Kate Pride Brown)