Graduate Courses

HSOC Required Graduate Core Courses

HTS 6001 — Proseminar in Social Theory

An introduction to key theoretical traditions in modern social theory, including both classical and contemporary works.

HTS 6002 — Proseminar in the History of Technology (Syllabus- Krige)

Identifies major areas of interest in the history of technology and introduces a variety of approaches to the discipline.

HTS 7001 — Foundations of Socio-Historical Analysis (Syllabus- Winders)

Introduces key concepts and methods used in the historical analysis of social phenomena.

HTS 6743 — Science, Technology & Society (STS): Core Seminar

Explore the multiple modes in which scientific and technological knowledge are constituted, and how they are shaped by, and shape the social world.

HSOC Graduate Electives

HTS 6101 — Social and Political History of the United States (Syllabus- Amsterdam)

Examines the social experiences of Americans and the political contexts in which they lived.

HTS 6102 — Social and Political History of Europe

Classic works and debates in European social history, including transition from feudalism to capitalism, French Revolution, rural history and industrialization, and origins of nationalism.

HTS 6103 — Social and Political History of the Nonwestern World (Syllabus- Schneer)

Covers basic empirical and relevant theoretical literature in English on the social and political history of Africa, Asia, and/or Latin America.

HTS 6106 — Business Organizations and Political Economy (Syllabus- Usselman)

Examines the historical evolution and contemporary operations of business institutions within the larger context of political economy; emphasis on business, government, and technology.

HTS 6110 — Gender, Science, and Technology

Examines the ways in which gendered relations shape scientific and technological institutions, careers, artifacts, knowledge, and culture.

HTS 6111 — Technology and Modern Culture

Introduces the complex interplay between technological systems and diffuse systems of consumption, social organization, and culture beyond the act of production.

HTS 6112 — Studies in Science and Engineering

Empirical investigation of scientific and engineering practice in historical and contemporary settings.

HTS 6113 — Development, Science, and Technology

Explores the impact of science and technology on development and modernization.

HTS 6114 — Topics in the History of Science (Syllabus- Knoespel)

Explores topics in the history of science in their social and political contexts.

HTS 6115 — Sociology of Science and Technology

Explores current debates in the history of the sociology of science and technology.

HTS 6116 — Global Environmental History (Syllabus- Smith)

Surveys the field of global environmental history with examples taken from biology, geography, sociology and anthropology.

HTS 6117 — Urbanization

An intensive introduction to the political, social, and economic forces involved in the process of urbanization.

HTS 6118 — Science, Technology, and the Economy

Examines how science and technology are related to economic institutions and processes.

HTS 6119 — Race and Ethnicity

Examines the structural impact of racism and ethnic discrimination on American society, and the controversies over racial and ethnic identity.

HTS 6120 — Inequality, Science, and Technology

Explores the impacts of science and technology on inequality, as well as how notions of difference have shaped science and technology.

HTS 6121 — Science, Technology, and Security

Topics in the study of the relationship between national security and the scientific-technological enterprise from diverse perspectives.

HTS 6122 — Topics in History of Medicine

The impact of disease in history, modern developments in medicine and health focusing on western medicine in a global context.

HTS 6123 — Social and Cultural Studies of Biomedicine

Introduces students to the changing social, political, and corporate worlds of the biological sciences, biotechnology, and biomedicine.

HTS 6124 — Science and Technology Beyond Borders (Syllabus- Krige)

Discusses the roles of science and technology as instruments of social control and of social change in development and modernization.

HTS 8801-8806 — Special Topics

Allows a group of students and a professor to study topics not covered in other courses in the department.  Credit and class hours equal last digit in course number.  Some recent examples include:

HTS 8803 — Sociology of Medicine (Singh)
HTS 8803 — Quantitative Methods in Social Research (Hyde)

HTS 8901-8906 — Special Problems

Credit hours to be arranged

HTS 8997 — Teaching Assistantship

Credit hours to be arranged. For graduate students holding a teaching assistantship.

HTS 8998 — Research Assistantship

Credit hours to be arranged. For graduate students holding a research assistantship.

HTS 9000 — Doctoral Thesis

Credit hours to be arranged.

Students in the sociology track must take at least one course (more if determined by their advisors) in advanced sociological methods before proceeding with their masters paper. A list of all the advanced methods courses at Georgia Tech is available here. The precise course chosen will depend on student need.