Graduate Student Conference Presentations

The following are recent conference presentations by History and Sociology of Technology and Science graduate students.


Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference – Virtual

  • Zhongxian Xiao, “Transplanting Justice and Modernity: Medico-Legal Evidence of Sino-British Homicide Cases in Nineteenth-Century Shanghai”

Atlanta Studies 2022 Symposium — Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

  • Joseph Hurley, "Atlanta’s Suburban Urban Renewal Experiment: Redeveloping Early Black Suburbs as Planned Suburban Neighborhoods for Low-Income Blacks."

Data Power Conference — Ottawa, Canada

  • Elise Li Zheng "Self-tracking Algorithm: Problematic Knowledge-making and (Dis)embodied Practices."

Georgia Association of Historians Annual Conference – University of Georgia, Athens, GA

  • Eric Steagall, "Above the Golfer Stands the Man’: Bobby Jones and Atlanta in the 1920s.”

Ivan Allan College Graduate Student Research Conference — Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

  • Benjamin Wills, “Equity Implications of Innovations in Care Delivery: The Case(s) of Direct-To-Consumer Telepharmacies.”
  • Sharon Rachel, "Sociology at the Intersection of Gender and Health: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, Where We’re Going." 
  • Alejandra Ruiz-Leon, “Creating TECNO-ITINTEC: The First Interactive Science Museum in Peru.”

Morehouse School of Medicine Health Promotion Research Center Colloquium – Savannah, GA

  • Sharon Rachel, "Cultural Competency & Health Equity."

North American Society for Sport History Conference — Chicago, Il

  • Declan Abernethy, "Becoming the Poster: Mia Hamm and the Rise of Women’s Soccer in the United States."



American Society for Bioethics and Humanities Annual Conference — Virtual

  • Benjamin Wills, “Direct-to-consumer Health at a Crossroads: Opportunities and Challenges for Key Stakeholders.” (Panel presentation)

Atlanta Studies

  • Declan Abernethy, "Imagining a United Atlanta: Atlanta United FC, Imagine Community, and Inequality in Modern Atlanta" 

Business History Conference — Virtual

  • Gloria Calhoun, "Entrepreneurs and Technological Change: Inventing Underground Wired Infrastructure 1870-1910."

Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Career, Research and Innovation Development Conference at Georgia Tech

  • ​​​​​​​Kera Allen, "A Castle on a Hill: The First Microcomputer Public Access Center."
  • Gloria Calhoun, "Entrepreneurs and Technological Change: Inventing Underground Infrastructure (1871-1910)."
  • Sharon Rachel, "Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of the Everyday Sexism Project."
  • Marjorie Hall Snook, "The Stain-Resistant Black Box: The Visibility of PFAS Compounds and Impacts on Regulatory Efforts."

Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) — Toronto, Canada/Virtual

  • Michael Bivona, “Brains, Bots, and Blinding Lasers: Object Metaphors in the Preemptive Regulation of Autonomous Weaponry.”
  • Benjamin Wills, “Equity Implications of Innovations in Care Delivery: The Case(s) of Direct-To-Consumer Telepharmacies.”
  • Benjamin Wills, “Direct-to-consumer Telepharmacies and Casual Pharmasex.”

Society for the History of Technology Annual Conference — Virtual

  • Gloria Calhoun, “From Indigenous Knowledge to Imperial Industry: Origins of Submarine Telegraph Cables.”



American Sociological Association Annual Conference — San Francisco, CA

  • Garrett Bunyak, "Inferiority By Association: Migration Narratives, Animality, and Chicana/Ecofeminist Possibilities."

Mid-South Sociological Association Annual Conference — Virtual

  • Garrett Bunyak, "From Donald Trump to the Most Diverse Square Mile in America."

Pedagogy, Popularization, and the Public Understanding of Science Conference — Science History Institute

  • Alejandra Ruiz León, "Piura con Ciencia: How the History of Science Changed the Vision on How to Communicate Science in the North of Peru."

Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Annual Meeting — Virtual

  • Elise Li Zheng, "Interpreting Fitness: Self-tracking with Fitness Apps Through a Postphenomenology Lens."

Society for the History of Technology — Virtual

  • Michael Bivona, "Blowback: Kareem Khan and the Emerging Shape of Justice, Under Drones."



American Sociological Association — New York, New York

  • Renee Shelby, "Whose Rape Kit? Stabilizing the Vitullo Kit Through Positivist Criminology and Protocol Feminism.
  • Rebecca Watts Hull, “Winning Real Food on Campus: The Role of Strategy and Strategic Capacity in Campaign Outcomes.”

Break the Cycle of Environmental Health Disparities — Emory University, Atlanta, GA

  • Alice Hong, "Autism Disparities: Structural and Institutional Barriers."

Southern Sociological Society Annual Conference

  • Garrett Bunyak, "Nationalist Zeal and Humanist Hubris: Animalizing 'Others' at the U.S.-Mexican Border."



Society for the Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting — Sydney, Australia

  • Sooa Lee, "The Emergence and the Development of Cross-National Knowledge Sharing: Case Studies of International Collaborative Projects in South Korea."

Society for the Study of Social Problems Philadelphia, PA

  • Renee Shelby, “Techno-Physical Feminism.”