Sports, Society, and Technology Program

Georgia Tech, the School of History and Sociology, and the Ivan Allen Georgia Tech have recently launched a new program in Sports, Society, and Technology (SST). This initiative helps faculty and students to study sport in the contexts of historical and contemporary culture. Interdisciplinary studies and innovative teaching in SST will help students become leaders in the sport and health industries, higher education, and in our local and global communities. The program also houses the Sports, Society, and Technology Research Center.   

Declare the SST Minor

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SST Early Summer 2017 Courses

HTS 3089, Science, Technology, and Sports; Professor Matt Ventresca (online only)

SST Fall 2017 Courses

HTS 3075, Foundations of Sports Studies; Professor Matt Ventresca - TTH at 1:30 pm
HTS 3073, Sociology of Sports; Professor Mary McDonald - TTH 9:30 am
HTS 2015, History of Sports in America; Professor Johnny Smith - TTH 12:00 pm

ARCH 4803, Stadia; Professor Benjamin Flowers - TTH 3:00 pm
MSE 4803R, Materials Science & Engineering of Sports; Professor Jud Ready - MWF 12:20 pm


HSOC is also offering a course, HTS 3813 Fitness Leadership on Wednesdays from 4 pm-7:00 pm, taught by long-time Georgia Tech Athletic Director, Dr. Homer Rice.

SST in the News

Dr. Matt Ventresca writes for Engaging Sports

Dr. Ventresca, Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of History and Sociology, contributed an article to Engaging Sports, a sports analysis website affilitated with the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport. Professor Ventresca's piece, entitled "Can Technology Alone Solve the 'Concussion Crisis'?", calls for a greater commitment to qualitative and sociocultural research related to brain injuries in sports. He advocates for interdisciplinary studies that examine the ever-changing cultural impacts of sport-related concussion alongside the latest medical diagnoses and scientific breakthroughs.

Dr. Johnny Smith Publishes New Book about Muhammad Ali

Dr. Smith, Assistant Professor in the School of History and Sociology, published his latest book in 2016 titled Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X (written with Dr. Randy Roberts). The book examines the complex and pivitol relationship between the famous boxer and the Muslim minister. Professor Smith made several media appearances related to the release of Blood Brothers, including writing an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal, giving an interview with NPR, and having excerpts from the book appear on the websites for New Republic and Slate.

Dr. Kirk Bowman Launches Landmark Film Festival

Dr. Bowman, in collaboration with the organization Rise Up & Care, established the Reimagine Rio film festival in August of 2016. The festival was founded as a showcase for five Brazilian films telling inspiring stories of communties working together to transform the city of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Bowman, Jon R. Wilcox Term Professor in Soccer and Global Politics in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, was instrumental in providing the vision for the festival, which involved allowing local artistic and cultural communities across Rio to thrive through the production, promotion, and celebration of these films.

Former Georgia Tech Athletic Director Homer Rice Receives 2016 IAC Dean's Appreciation Award

Legendary college football coach, educator, author, and former Georgia Tech Athletic Director, Dr. Homer C. Rice has received the 2016 Ivan Allen College Dean's Appreciation Award. This award not only recognizes Dr. Rice's national accomplishments but also acknowledges his long-time and continuing contributions to the School of History and Sociology, the Sports, Society, and Technology Program, and Georgia Tech.

This video tribute helps to capture some of his important contributions.

Exhibit Marks Anniversary of Historic Holmes v. Atlanta Court Case

In November of 2015, Dr. Mary McDonald and several Georgia Tech graduate students organized an exhibit displayed at the clubhouse of the Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the historic court case that facilitated the desegregation of public recreation facilities across the country. The exhibit, funded by the Friends of the Bobby Jones Golf Course, is called "Changing the Game"  and commemorates the efforts of Alfred "Tup" Holmes, an African American golfer who challenged how access to public golf courses in 1950s Atlanta was strictly divided along racial lines. Featuring stories, photographs, and other artifacts documenting Holmes' historic Supreme Court case, the exhibit seeks to draw attention to the role of Atlanta's sport culture in the desegregation movement while preserving the history of the Bobby Jones course.

SST Events

Requiem for a Running BackPAST EVENT
Screening of Requiem for a Running Back

February 13, 2017

The Sports, Society, and Technology program and the School of History and Sociology presented a screening of the film "Requiem for a Running Back" at the Student Center Theater on Georgia Tech campus. This moving film tells the story of Lew Carpenter, who suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy as a result of brain injuries sustained during his career as a college and professional football player. The screening was followed by a panel discussion and talk back featuring the film's director Rebecca Carpenter (who is also Lew's daughter), sports injury attorney Von DuBose, as well as our own Matt Ventresca (postdoctoral fellow in the School of History and Sociology). The panelists answered several engaging questions posed by members of the audience on topics ranging from the ongoing legal fallout facing the National Football League to the role of the sports media in shaping public opinion to the power of film as a storytelling medium.

ReImagine Rio imagesPAST EVENT
with Dr. Kirk Bowman 

November 7, 2016

Festival Reimagine Rio: The Intersection of Performance, Innovation, Leadership, Development, and Film 

On November 7, Dr. Kirk Bowman (Jon R. Wilcox Term Professor in Soccer and Global Politics, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs) gave a thought-provoking presentation discussing his exciting work with the non-profit Rise Up & Care and his involvement with the film festival Reimagine Rio that took place in August of this year. The festival was a celebration of five Brazilian films that tell inspiring stories of communties working together to reimagine and transform the city of Rio De Janeiro. Dr. Bowman showed the trailers for each of the five films that were showcased during the festival and explained how these films tell the stories of individuals who are making drastic, positive contributions to communities across Rio. Citing his personal experiences in Rio working with the filmmakers and other community leaders, Dr. Bowman described how each of these films shows how local, small-scale innovation can thrive and work to produce large-scale cultural transformation. One of these films, Bad and the Birdieman (2016), follows Sebastião, a native of the Chacrinha favela in Rio, who founded a badminton league that against all odds grew from its humble beginnings to develop multiple internationally-ranked players. Dr. Bowman also discussed the growth of the Rise Up & Care program to include other countries in South America, as well as the success of his study abroad program. The presentation was followed by an enthusiastic Q&A, in which audience members touched on a diverse issues ranging from film production to global development practices.

This event was presented by the Sports, Society, and Technology Program in collaboration with The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs.

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