Sports, Society, and Technology Program

Aerial view of a soccer field with a camera in the forefront

The Sports, Society, and Technology (SST) Program and Research Alliance seek to create interest and increased visibility for the interdisciplinary study of sports at Georgia Tech.

This interdisciplinary program is housed in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and is administrated through the School of History and Sociology. We offer a 15-hour undergraduate SST minor with high-quality courses and support and promote Georgia Tech faculty research related to sports. 

SST Course Offerings

Our course offerings bring together sports studies, science and technology, and urban studies, incorporating faculty from across campus in areas ranging from public policy, international affairs, and applied physiology to economics, materials science, history, and sociology.

Spring 2024 SST Courses

  • INTA/HP 3242 Soccer & Global Politics, Professor Kirk Bowman
  • HTS 3813 Boxing, Race and American Culture, Professor Johnny Smith
  • HTS/PUBP 4813 Sports Law and Public Policy, Professor Bruce Siegal 

Previous Courses

  • BIOS 2500 Introduction to Sport Science, Professor Mindy Millard-Stafford
  • HTS 2015 History of Sports in America, Professor Johnny Smith
  • MSE 3300 Materials Science and Engineering of Sports, Professor Jud Ready
  • HTS 3022 Gender and Sport, Professor Mary McDonald 
  • HTS 3073 Sociology of Sports, Professor Mary McDonald
  • HTS 3089 Science, Technology & Sport, Mario Bianchini
  • ECON 4520 Economics of Sports, Professor Thomas Woodbury

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