History of Technology / Engineering and Society

Researchers in this cluster set technology and engineering in social, political, and economic context, past and present.

Many focus on the rules, procedures, and customs that influence access to scientific and technological professions and shape practices in a range of scientific and technological domains. With an emphasis on Europe and the United States since 1850, the group actively links past experiences to contemporary issues and concerns.

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  • John Krige, Kranzberg Professor of the History of Technology
    Cold War Science and Technology; Regulating the Global Circulation of Knowledge
  • Kristie Macrakis, Professor of History
    History of Science and Technology; History of Espionage
  • Willie Pearson, Jr., Professor of Sociology
    STEM Workforce; Race and Diversity; Professionalization
  • Eric Schatzberg, Professor of History
    History of Science and Technology
  • Steven Usselman, McEver Professor of Engineering and the Liberal Arts
    Technology and the U.S. Economy; Infrastructure; Engineering Practice
  • Germán Vergara, Assistant Professor of History
    Cities; Environmental History