Global Cities and Urban Society

This community of scholars examines urban societies in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Our experts span the globe, from Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles to London, Shanghai, and Cairo. Members of this group reach deep into the fabric of urban life, exploring events on the street, in cultural institutions, and at City Hall, while also situating these cities within a wider national and global context. Focused on the interplay of society, culture, and politics, they seek to comprehend how cities function and how their diverse residents pursue social change.

For more information, visit the Global Cities and Urban Society faculty page.

  • Daniel Amsterdam, Associate Professor of History
    Atlanta; U.S. Urban History
  • Laura Bier, Associate Professor of History
    Cairo; Women and Society
  • Douglas Flamming, Professor of History
    Los Angeles; Race and Politics
  • Allen Hyde, Assistant Professor of Sociology
    Urban Sociology; Political Economy
  • Hanchao Lu, Professor of History
    Shanghai; Culture, Society, and Politics
  • Mary McDonald, Homer Rice Professor of Sport and Society
    Sport and the City; Culture and Identity
  • Todd Michney, Assistant Professor of History
    Race and Ethnicity; Digital Humanities
  • Jonathan Schneer, Professor of History
    London; Culture, Society, and Politics
  • Germán Vergara, Assistant Professor of History
    Cities; Environmental History