Donate and Support the School

''Make a donation in support of history and sociology at Georgia Tech!

Donate now to the School of History and Sociology.  Your donation to the 501(c)3 Georgia Tech Foundation will be tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.  Please see our donation form for more information.

Donations can also be made directly to the HSOC Teaching Fellows Program, in memory of Dr. Wayne Drews.  Wayne was a graduate of the Ph.D. program in the History and Sociology of Technology and Science (HSTS), and was committed to teaching.  A donation to the HSOC Teaching Fellows Program in memory of Dr. Wayne Drews helps to support teacher training for HSTS graduate students and is an excellent way to remember a friend and colleague who was an important part of the graduate community. 

Donations can be made in the following way:

1. Outright gifts can be mailed to Eric Schatzberg at the School of History and Sociology or to the Georgia Tech Foundation (GTF).

2. Gifts can be made online.  With the online option, donors can put their planned gift amount in the section that says donation amount and again in the box that says "other."  Then specify “HSOC Teaching Fellows Program” in the field that says “if other, specify.”

3. Wire transfers or gifts of stocks can be submitted to the GTF. If a donor uses this option, it is advised they make the school aware, in advance, that the gift is coming.

 With all the gifts, please indicated that they are gifts to the HSOC Teaching Fellows Program in memory of Dr. Wayne Drews.