Major in History, Technology, and Society

The bachelor's of science degree in History, Technology, and Society (BS- HTS) is comparable to traditional degrees in history and sociology, but HTS has several attributes that make it unique and give our students an edge over other liberal arts majors.


A degree in HTS requires broad-based training in humanities, mathematics, computing, science, and social sciences, giving our majors a truly rigorous and broad education. The program’s focus on global issues related to the origin and impact of technology and science is also distinctive, providing students with the critical tools needed to understand the development of the modern world.

Finally, the HTS curriculum allows more free electives than most majors at Georgia Tech, giving our students a chance to pursue minor degrees, certificates, and other interests that prepare them for the broadest possible range of careers, from government and politics, to law and medicine, to journalism and business.  

To learn more about HTS, contact Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Jennifer Singh.  For advising assistance, contact Ms. Sonya Boadu.