Apply to Graduate (B.S. HTS)

All students who want to graduate must file an Online Application for Graduation (OAG)Information about the OAG and how to file it can be found on the registrar's website.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to complete the OAG. Please note that this system relies on YOU to be responsible for following through with all the steps. 

  1. Complete the OAG via OSCAR (OSCAR > Student Services & Financial Aid > Student Records > Apply to Graduate). If your major is listed incorrectly or you have a declared minor that is missing, STOP IMMEDIATELY and email the Office of the Registrar Degree Certification team at If you have a minor that's not yet declared, schedule an appointment to do that.

  2. Once you hit Submit, continue on to the Georgia Tech Exit Survey, using the link provided.

  3. Schedule an advising appointment with the academic advisor. Here are the deadlines by which to do this:

    • Fall Graduation:  Aug. 15

    • Summer Graduation:  May 1

    • Spring Graduation:  Dec. 15

  4. Complete both the online HTS post-graduation contact form and the HTS undergraduate exit survey using these links below:

    HTS Post-Graduation Contact Form HTS Undergraduate Exit Survey

In summary, you must: