Internship Database

Internships offer invaluable "real-world" experience in your chosen field. Discover what it's like to work in state government, nonprofits, or a specific industry through an internship.

For unpaid internships, we provide pass/fail credit hours via HTS 2695 (freshmen/sophomores) and HTS 4695 (juniors/seniors). These credits can count toward HTS electives or free electives, but internships must be approved by the internship coordinator for credit.

For paid internships, we offer audit credit hours through HTS 2694 (freshmen/sophomores) and HTS 4694 (juniors/seniors). While audit credits don't count toward graduation requirements, they serve as "placeholder" hours during the internship semester and appear on your transcript.

Use the list below as one of many resources for finding an internship. Note that inclusion on this list doesn't guarantee the availability of internships. This list is a starting point for your search, and many other organizations also offer internships. For more resources, visit the HSOC internships information website.

List of Internships By Category