Garrett Bunyak

Ph.D. Student

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  • School of History and Sociology
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110 Old Civil Engineering
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Garrett is a sociologist with expertise in topics including race and ethnicity, migration, gender and sexuality, sociology of science and technology, social inequality, environmental sociology, and sociology of animals. 

Garrett's dissertation is titled "Invasions: 'Othering' and the Social Control of Migrants, Feral Cats, and Kudzu in Atlanta, GA." Although the notion of an invasion traditionally referred to military incursions, the dissertation outlines how discourses of invasion have come to shape 21st century efforts to legitimize state sovereignty, control borders, and define citizenship.  Invasions shows how such gendered and racialized discourses serve contemporary logics of profit, security, and white nationalism.  

Garrett's prior writing and research has appeared in journals including Sociology of Sport Journal, Humanimalia, Society and Animals, Configurations and Qualitative Health Review.  He has enjoyed teaching courses including Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, and Social Stratification.

  • MS in History and Sociology of Science and Technology from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.
  • MA in Sociology from Ohio University, Athens, Oh.
  • BA in Sociology and Economics from Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, Pa.
Areas of
  • Diversity And Inclusion
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Migration
  • Power And Inequality
  • Race, Class, Gender, And Sexuality
  • Sociological Theory
  • Sociology Of Science And Technology


  • HTS-3008: Class,Power & Inequality
  • HTS-4811: Special Topics
  • IAC-4811: Special Topics in IAC