Paulina Faraj

Ph.D. Student

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  • School of History and Sociology
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Paulina Faraj earned a B.A. in Anthropology and a B.I.S. in Classical Studies from Georgia State University. She has taught Latin for the past 15 years and currently teaches Latin at a private preparatory school in Atlanta. As a Ph.D. student in HSOC, Paulina is interested in the analysis of human communication in relation to cultural contexts and technological systems as they relate to propaganda as well as secret communication technologies. She is currently translating into English Giovanni Baptista della Porta’s  De Furtivis Literarum Notis, Vulgo de Ziferis, Libri IV, a 16th century history of cryptography.

Faculty Advisor:
Kristie Macrakis
  • Georgia State University, Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Classical Studies, with Honors, 2007
  • Georgia State University, Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, 1998
Awards and
  • Outstanding Achievement in Classics, Georgia State University 2003, 2004
Areas of
  • Cryptography
  • Nation-building
  • Nazi Germany
  • Propaganda
  • Radio Technology


Research Fields:
  • Communication
  • History of Technology/Engineering and Society
  • Information and Communications Technologies for Development
  • Modern Global History/Science, Technology, and Nationalism
  • Europe
  • Communication
  • Espionage
  • Human/Machine Interaction
  • Technology