Class Schedule & Registration Information

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Fall 2024 Classes

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CourseCourse TitleSectionCRNProfessorMeeting DaysTimeLocationEnrollment
HIST 2111United States to 1877A85730Hild, MatthewT,R0930 - 1045Klaus Advanced Computing 144350
HIST 2111United States to 1877B92406Gerona, CarlaT,R1400 - 1515 49
HIST 2112United States since 1877A90291Amsterdam, DanielM,W1400 - 1515Klaus Advanced Computing 144350
HIST 2112United States since 1877B85731Michney, ToddT,R0930 - 1045East Architecture 12350
HIST 2112United States since 1877C90923Lawton, ChristopherT,R0800 - 0915West Architecture 25848
HIST 2112United States since 1877D92978Lawton, ChristopherM,W1700 - 1815Instructional Center 20549
HTS 2013Modern AmericaA92307Michney, ToddT,R1400 - 1515Old Civil Engr G105
HTS 2013Modern AmericaB92308Michney, ToddT,R1400 - 1515Old Civil Engr G1010
HTS 2013Modern AmericaHP92971Michney, ToddT,R1400 - 1515Old Civil Engr G1010
HTS 2015History Sports AmericaA92305Smith, JohnM,W0930 - 1045Weber SST III 240
HTS 2016Soc Issues&Public PolicyA93041Hyde, AllenM,W1400 - 1515Skiles 36840
HTS 2016Soc Issues&Public PolicyHP92202D'Unger, AmyM,W0930 - 1045Curran Street Deck 21025
HTS 2017Environmental SociologyA92309Brown, AnneM,W1400 - 1515Molecular Sciences and Engr 122240
HTS 2040Hist Islamic SocietiesA92310Bier, LauraM,W1100 - 1215Molecular Sciences and Engr 122440
HTS 2061Traditional AsiaA92311Lu, HanchaoT,R1230 - 1345East Architecture 30940
HTS 2080Intro Hist Disease & MedA92312Tone, JohnM,W1530 - 1645Mason 313240
HTS 2084Technology and SocietyA92313Schatzberg, EricM,W1400 - 1515East Architecture 20740
HTS 2100Sci, Tech & Modern WorldA90784Vergara, GermanM,W1230 - 1345Molecular Sciences and Engr 1201A40
HTS 2101Research MethodsA92315Yuan, YaqiM,W1100 - 1215Old Civil Engr G1020
HTS 2803Special Topics: Organizing for Social ChangeA89440Hull, RebeccaM,W1100 - 1215Clough UG Learning Commons 3255
HTS 2803Special Topics: Organizing for Social ChangeB90932Hull, RebeccaM,W1101 - 1215Clough UG Learning Commons 32510
HTS 2803Special Topics: Organizing for Social ChangeHP89441Hull, RebeccaM,W1102 - 1215Clough UG Learning Commons 32510
HTS 2813Special Topics: Global HealthA92316Prasad, AmitM,W0930 - 1045East Architecture 30940
HTS 3005Amer Environmental HistA93462 T,R1530 - 1645Old Civil Engr G1025
HTS 3021Women in Science & EngrA92236Pearson, WillieT,R1400 - 1515East Architecture 10740
HTS 3024African-Amer His to 1865A93097Lawton, ChristopherM,W1230 - 1345Old Civil Engr G1025
HTS 3026Race and EthnicityA92325 T,R1700 - 1815J. Erskine Love Manufacturing 18440
HTS 3028Ancient GreeceA87554Viezure, DanaW,F1100 - 1215East Architecture 10740
HTS 3033Medieval EnglandA90311Viezure, DanaW,F0930 - 1045East Architecture 10740
HTS 3046Sci Pol Culture Nazi GerA92983Thompson, VictoriaT,R1530 - 1645East Architecture 30940
HTS 3064Sociology of DevelopmentA91096Winders, WilliamT,R1230 - 1345East Architecture 10740
HTS 3073Sociology of Sports (Synchronous Online course)A87555McDonald, MaryT,R0930 - 1045 40
HTS 3075Foundations Sports StdsA92332Budak, KemalT,R1230 - 1345West Architecture 25840
HTS 3082Sociology of ScienceA92981Pearson, WillieT,R1530 - 1645East Architecture 10740
HTS 3084Culture & TechnologyA92975Schatzberg, EricM,W1700 - 1815Ford Environmental Sci & Tech L112540
HTS 3102Social Theory&StructureA92333Yuan, YaqiM,W1400 - 1515Klaus Advanced Computing 145640
HTS 4001Seminar in US History: School De-and ResegregationA92409Amsterdam, DanielW0930 - 1045Old Civil Engr 10415
HTS 4001Seminar in US History: School De-and ResegregationA92409Amsterdam, DanielW1100 - 1215Old Civil Engr 10515
HTS 4091Seminar Global Issues: Food in the World EconomyA92334Winders, WilliamW1230 - 1345Old Civil Engr 10415
HTS 4091Seminar Global Issues: Food in the World EconomyA92334  1400 - 1515  
HTS 4925Special Problems in HTS: Social&Cultural Studies BioMedA92441Singh, JenniferR1700 - 1945Old Civil Engr 1043
SOC 1101Intro to SociologyA90921Brown, AnneM,W1700 - 1815Kendeda 15250
SOC 1101Intro to SociologyB90797Budak, KemalT,R0930 - 1045East Architecture 10749
SOC 1101Intro to SociologyC92237Budak, KemalT,R0800 - 0915East Architecture 20749
These classes will be held in Metz, France.       
HTS 1031Europe Since RenaissanceR89816Moore, CaroleM,T,R,F1330 - 1500Georgia Tech Europe25
HTS 203720th Century EuropeR93221Stoneman, TimothyT,R1400 - 1515Georgia Tech Europe50
HTS 2084Technology and SocietyR87570Stoneman, TimothyT,R0930 - 1045Georgia Tech Europe50