History and Sociology Undergraduate Class List

Key to Class Attributes

Courses in the School of History and Sociology carry a variety of attributes.  Attributes are denoted for each of the courses, using the following abbreviations:

If clarification is needed in a particular case, contact the department

All Classes in the School of History and Sociology

  • HIST 2111 – United States to 1877 (SS, LEG)
    Colonial settlement, the American Revolution and the Constitution, antebellum expansion, slavery and plantation economy, sectional conflict and Civil War, Reconstruction.
  • HIST 2112 – United States Since 1877 (SS, LEG)
    The social, political, and economic history of the United States since Reconstruction. Topics include American industrialization, two world wars, the New Deal, and the civil rights movement.
  • SOC 1101 – Introduction to Sociology (SS)
    A study of basic social relations, including social structure and functions, analysis of social processes, the foundations of personality, and analysis of social organization.
  • HTS 1XXX – History, Technology, & Society Elective (SS
  • HTS 1001 – Introduction to History, Technology, and Society (SS)
    An introduction to classic texts, key concepts, and research opportunities in history and sociology.
  • HTS 1031 – Europe since the Renaissance (SS, CR)
    Social, political, economic, and cultural history of Europe since the Renaissance. Topics include the Renaissance; Reformation; political, scientific, and industrial revolutions; nationalism; fascism and communism; decolonization. 
  • HTS 1081 – Engineering in History (SS, ETH)
    Uses historical case studies to examine the relationship between engineers and the larger society in which they function. Often taught jointly with engineering faculty. 
  • HTS 2XXX – History, Technology, & Society Elective (SS)
  • HTS 2001 – Early American History (SS)
    North America to 1763, including native cultures, contacts with European colonizers, settlement strategies and patterns, and foundation of American political and economic institutions. 
  • HTS 2002 – American Revolution (SS)
    The American Revolution as political debate, war, and social upheaval, with attention to the framing and ratification of the Constitution. 
  • HTS 2006 – History of The Old South to 1865 (SS)
    A study of social, political, and economic developments in the South from the colonial period through the Civil War.
  • HTS 2007 – History of the New South (SS)
    An examination of social, political, and economic developments from the Reconstruction period to the present.
  • HTS 2011 – The Gilded Age (SS)
    Populism, the currency question, immigration, the rise of big business, war, and reform in one of the most turbulent periods of American history.
  • HTS 2013 – Modern America (SS)
    Dawning of the atomic age, anticommunism, the civil rights movement, the New Frontier and Great Society, Vietnam and the tumultuous 1960s, and end of Cold War
  • HTS 2015 – History of Sports in America (SS)
    Examines American sport from colonial to contemporary times. Focuses on the rise of organized sports and the influence of race, class, gender, and ethnicity. 
  • HTS 2016 – Social Issues and Public Policy (SS)
    Draws on sociological theory and research to understand the major economic, social, and cultural issues facing American society today
  • HTS 2017 – Environmental Sociology (SS)
    This course examines theories about how human society impacts the natural world through economic, political, and social systems.
  • HTS 2018 – Food and Society (SS)
    Survey of the complex social web of identity, culture, politics, economics, history, and power behind food systems in the U.S. and globally.
  • HTS 2036 – Revolutionary Europe (SS, CR)
    Industrialization and political revolution, the development of political ideologies and labor activism, modern nation-state building, and imperialism from the French Revolution to World War I
  • HTS 2037 – 20th Century Europe (SS, IR)
    Global war and the Bolshevik Revolution, rise and fall of Mussolini and Hitler, Stalinism, the Holocaust, Cold War, decolonization, and the movement toward European integration
  • HTS 2040 – History of Islamic Societies to the 1500s (SS, CR)
    Survey of Middle Eastern history from pre-Islamic times to Ottoman rule, tracing the development of Islamic society and emphasizing the plurality of cultures in the region.
  • HTS 2041 – History of the Modern Middle East (SS, CR)
    The transformation of the Middle East in the modern era and the relationship of the "East" and "West" in the contemporary world.
  • HTS 2051 – Colonial Latin America (SS, CR)
    An exploration of colonial Latin America from the perspective of Global History.
  • HTS 2052 – North American Borderlands (SS)
    Introduction to the history of early Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California in the Spanish Colonial period.
  • HTS 2053 – Modern Latin American History (SS)
    Introduces students to the socioeconomic, political, cultural, and environmental conditions that have shaped life in Latin America from the 1800s to the present.
  • HTS 2061 – Traditional Asia (SS, ETH, CR)
    Civilizations of East Asia up to 1850, emphasizing traditional cultures in China and Japan, including religion, science, formation of empires, social life, and commerce. 
  • HTS 2062 – Asia in the Modern World (SS, IR)
    Civilizations of India, China, and Japan since 1600, emphasizing Western impact and adaptation of these countries' political, economic, and social systems. 
  • HTS 2080 – Introduction to the History of Disease and Medicine (SS)
    Introduction to the history of disease and medicine since the Renaissance focusing on infectious diseases, the rise of germ theory, and evolution of medical training. Credit not allowed for both HTS 2080 and HTS 3087.
  • HTS 2081 – Scientific Revolution (SS)
    A critical approach to the Scientific Revolution, introducing students to primary documents and images from the period and emphasizing interpretive strategies and methods.
  • HTS 2082 – Technology and Science in the Industrial Age (SS)
    Surveys major developments in technology and science since 1600 and places them in the broader social context of their times.
  • HTS 2084 – Technology and Society (SS, ETH)
    Analyzes social conditions that promote or retard technological activity, emphasizing role of business, the state, and scientific and engineering professions, and the emergence of consumerism
  • HTS 2085 – Reel History (SS)
    Students evaluate films as sources for specific historical events by viewing films, reading historical documents, and applying critical analysis to written assignments and class discussions.
  • HTS 2086 – Semester in the City: Engaging Communities
    Explores how urban neighborhoods work focusing on Atlanta neighborhoods from a variety of perspectives. Students will work with residents in designing a sustainability project. 
  • HTS 2100 – Science, Technology, and the Modern World (SS, ETH, IR)
    An introduction to perspectives on how developments in science and technology at once reflect and influence politics and society on a global scale. 
  • HTS 2101 – Research Methods (SS)
    Interdisciplinary survey based on critical readings of the methods historians and sociologists use to generate knowledge about social life. Students engage in "hands-on" research.
  • HTS 2694 – Internship- Paid
    Undergraduate internship for which the student is paid and receives audit credit. Freshmen and sophomores only. 
  • HTS 2695 – Internship- Credit
    Unpaid undergraduate internship for which the student receives pass/fail credit. Freshmen and sophomores only. 
  • HTS 2698 – Research Assistantship
    Independent research conducted under the guidance of a faculty member.  Freshmen and sophomores only.
  • HTS 2699 – Undergraduate Research
    Independent research conducted under the guidance of a faculty member. Freshmen and sophomores only.
  • HTS 28X3 – Special Topics
    Allows a group of students and a professor to study topics not covered in other courses in the department
  • HTS 2927-29 – Special Problem
  • HTS 3XXX – History, Technology, & Society Elective (SS)
  • HTS 3001 – American Economic History (SS)
    U.S. economic history since 1607, including regional specialization, agriculture, industrialization, technology, government and economy, money and banking, labor, international trade, and contemporary economic problems. 
  • HTS 3002 – History of American Business (SS)
    Evolution of business institutions from colonial period to present, including entrepreneurship, business-government relations, institutional innovation, and twentieth century managerial capitalism. 
  • HTS 3003 – Sociology of Economic Institutions (SS)
    Examines links between economic structures-markets, regulatory bodies, and labor relations systems-and the wider structural and cultural context.
  • HTS 3005 – American Environmental History (SS)
    Transformation of the North American environment since 1500, including different notions of nature, romantic responses to wilderness during industrialization, rise of conservation movements, and environmental policy.
  • HTS 3006 – United States Labor History (SS)
    The changing nature of work and labor relations, with focus on unionization and government regulation, and equity issues in the workplace. 
  • HTS 3007 – Sociology of Work and Industry (SS)
    Analyzes paid employment as a decisive social attachment, emphasizing work organizations, technological change and authority relations, and social inequality among diverse groups of employees. 
  • HTS 3008 – Class, Power, and Inequality (SS)
    This sociology course examines how social class and the market economy affect inequality and stratification in the U.S., with additional attention to the roles of race and gender
  • HTS 3009 – The American Civil War (SS)
    An examination of the social, economic, political, and military aspects of the Civil War, including causes of the war, military campaigns, and long-term consequences. 
  • HTS 3011 – The City in American History (SS)
    Examines the historical background of the American city since colonial times, including city planning, urban technology and services, neighborhoods, and race relations. 
  • HTS 3012 – Urban Sociology (SS, IR)
    Sociological perspectives on the city, urbanization, and problems of community, evolution of cities and problems of urban life in the United States and Third World.
  • HTS 3015 – History of Vietnam War (SS)
    Diplomatic, military, and social aspects of America's war in Vietnam, including antiwar protests, the defense industry boom, and the war's enduring impact on American life.
  • HTS 3016 – Women and Gender in U.S. (SS)
    Course examines themes and theories of women's and gender history since the colonial period, including work, family, race, sexuality, and politics. 
  • HTS 3017 – Sociology of Gender (SS)
    Gender as a dimension of social life that shapes and is shaped by the economy, schooling, family, politics, medicine and health, race, and social class. 
  • HTS 3018 – Religions and Cults in the U.S. (SS)
    Explores controversial and influential new religious movements and cults in America, focusing on their origin, appeal, and impact. 
  • HTS 3019 – The Family, Sexuality, and Social Change in the U.S. (SS)
    Changing patterns of family life and sex roles since colonial times, with a focus on mainstream ideals, utopian alternatives, and social criticism. 
  • HTS 3020 – Gender and Technology (SS)
    Course examines the ways in which the design, development, and application of technologies, as well as cultural responses to them, have been gendered historically. 
  • HTS 3021 – Women in Science and Engineering (SS)
    Women in science and engineering and gender differences in participation, location, and status. Examines education, access, and apprenticeship, culture of science and engineering.
  • HTS 3022 – Gender and Sports (SS)
    Examines how gender norms and beliefs shape sport structures, participation opportunities and experiences in American sport.
  • HTS 3023 – Free People of Color (SS)
    Free people of color during the era of slavery, including everyday life, political and social philosophies, literature, community development, and movements for social change.
  • HTS 3024 – African-American History to 1865 (SS)
    The experience of African and African American people in North America from the beginnings of slavery until the era of emancipation in the Civil War
  • HTS 3025 – African-American History Since 1865 (SS)
    The African American experience since 1865, including Reconstruction, segregation, the African American family, the Harlem Renaissance, the civil rights movement, and Black Power. 
  • HTS 3026 – Race and Ethnicity (SS)
    Nature and significance of dominant/minority relations, including legacies of colonialism and slavery, roots of residential segregation, and effects of race on American politics. 
  • HTS 3027 – The Civil Rights Movement (SS)
    Understand the impact of the Civil Rights Movement on America. Explore protest movements, civil rights activism, the movement’s fragmentation, and its long-term significance. 
  • HTS 3028 – Ancient Greece (SS)
    Classical Athens and Sparta, myths and legends in historical context. Course ends with Alexander the Great and the rise of Rome.
  • HTS 3029 – Ancient Rome (SS)
    Growth of the Republic, antics and follies of the emperors, accomplishments of Rome, and causes of decline. Early Christianity and its impact on Europe included
  • HTS 3030 – History of Medieval Europe (SS, CR)
    The rise of barbarian kingdoms from Rome's ashes, the explosion of Islam, the monastic movement, Charlemagne's empire, the blossoming of medieval culture, and developing European monarchies. 
  • HTS 3031 – European Labor History (SS, CR)
    The labor movement from 1700s to the present, including an examination of Marx and socialism, unionization, and work conditions, especially in Britain, Germany, and France.
  • HTS 3032 – European Intellectual History (SS, ETH, CR)
    Introduction to intellectual problems and trends in modern Europe, including loss of faith in progress, evil and ethics, post-colonialism, feminism, linguistics, and psychoanalytic thought
  • HTS 3033 – Medieval England (SS, CR)
    Political, economic, and cultural development of England during the Midule Ages (c. 350-1400). Myths and legends of Stonehenge, the Druids, and King Arthur's Camelot explored. 
  • HTS 3035 – Britain 1815-1914 (SS, CR)
    Developments in nineteenth-century Britain, including the industrial revolution, the growth of political democracy, imperialism, and movements for Irish Home rule and democratic socialism. 
  • HTS 3036 – Britain since 1914 (SS, CR)
    Britain's experience of two world wars, the growth of Labour and decline of the Liberals, the Welfare State, Thatcherism, and Tony Blair's "New Labour."
  • HTS 3038 – French Revolution (SS, CR)
    Economic, intellectual, and cultural causes of the French Revolution, Jacobinism and the Terror, careers of Robespierre and Danton, and rise and fall of Napoleon's empire. 
  • HTS 3039 – Modern France (SS, CR)
    France from 1815 to 1968, emphasizing the continuing project of creating France as a powerful nation within the context of global culture and politics.
  • HTS 3041 – Modern Spain (SS, CR)
    Resistance to Napoleon, deformed industrialization, Anarchist and fascist experiments form the background for Spain's transition from dictatorship to democracy after Franco's death. 
  • HTS 3043 – Modern Germany (SS, CR)
    Consolidation of Germany since Napoleonic wars, Germany's contributions both hideous and glorious to Europe and the West, and recent unification of East and West Germany.
  • HTS 3045 – Nazi Germany and the Holocaust (SS, CR)
    Genocide in the twentieth century, emphasizing the extermination of European Jews. Course investigates roots of racism, eugenics, and ideologies of genocide in comparative perspective.
  • HTS 3046 – Science, Politics, and Culture in Nazi Germany (SS, CR)
    Examines the social, political and cultural context of science and technology in Nazi Germany to understand the interaction of science and politics under totalitarian regimes.
  • HTS 3048 – Modern Russian History and Society (SS)
    Provides an overview of Russian history during the 20th Century. Special emphasis will be on the Soviet period of Russian history from 1917-1991.
  • HTS 3051 – Women and Gender in the Middle East (SS, CR)
    The role of women in imperial, nationalist, and Islamist political programs in the Middle East and the impact of politics on women's lives. 
  • HTS 3055 – Globalization in the Modern Era (SS, IR)
    This course examines the process of globalization and global change in the twentieth century. Also offers a critical examination of various theories of globalization. 
  • HTS 3061 – Modern China (SS, CR)
    The decline of Confucian order, the impact of the West, changes and continuities of Chinese culture, the Communist revolution, nationalism, and economic reforms since 1978. 
  • HTS 3062 – Modern Japan (SS, CR)
    Japan's transformation in one century from a feudal state into an economic superpower and the impact of these changes on the Japanese people. 
  • HTS 3063 – British Colonization (SS, CR)
    Analysis of four British settlement colonies-Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa-emphasizing settlement, race relations, and national identity. 
  • HTS 3064 – Sociology of Development (SS, GE)
    Course examines competing perspectives on international development and surveys some of the crucial issues, including political instability, facing the Third World today. 
  • HTS 3065 – History of Global Societies (SS)
    Examines the historical patterns of interaction and inter- dependence between world regions, from approximately the 13th century to global interdependence to the contemporary world.
  • HTS 3066 – Sociology of Politics and Society (SS, IR)
    Political sociology studies the way power is distributed in society. This course takes a comparative and historical approach, focusing on the development of the nation-state.
  • HTS 3067 – Revolutionary Movements (SS, IR)
    Comparative analysis of the origin, development, and impact of major twentieth century revolutionary movements. 
  • HTS 3068 – Social Movements (SS)
    Why do social movements emerge? Why might they succeed? This course examines how ordinary people challenge powerful segments of society and contribute to social change.
  • HTS 3069 – Modern Cuba (SS, CR)
    Cuba since 1492 emphasizing slavery and sugar, wars of independence, the revolution of 1959, and the regime of Fidel Castro.
  • HTS 3070 – Culture and Society (SS)
    Covers core issues in the study of culture. Focuses on key sites, social practices, and institutions. Topics include education, medicine, consumption, and the mass media. 
  • HTS 3071 – Sociology of Crime (SS)
    Substantive issues in the study of crime. Examines such subjects as: the perception of crime; characteristics of offenders and victims; societal reactions to crime; police discretion and imprisonment. 
  • HTS 3072 – Sociology of Education (SS)
    Examines approaches used by sociologists to understand education. Explores such topics as variations in student outcomes and issues of gender, race, ethnicity, and social class. 
  • HTS 3073 - Sociology of Sports (SS)
    Examines what constitutes "sports," and uses sociological lens to study sports relationship to education, policy, media, deviance, violence as well as gender, race and class
  • HTS 3075 – Foundations of Sports Studies
    Offers case studies of the multidisciplinary study of sports using the lenses of history, sociology, economics, science and technology to understand sports practices and controversies
  • HTS 3076 – History of Intelligence and National Security
    Examines the Cold War’s most important spy cases and operations to better understand the interplay between the world of secrets and intelligence and the world of statecraft and technology. 
  • HTS 3080 – History of Rocketry
    Examines the history of rocketry, scientists, and organizations in the US, USSR, and Europe during the twentieth century. 
  • HTS 3081 – Technology and the Environment
    Examines how technology affected the environment during the 20th Century, with special attention to issues like industrialization, pollution, overcrowding, and the biotech revolution. 
  • HTS 3082 – Sociology of Science (SS)
    The growth of science and its social structure; deviance and norms, the social context of scientific knowledge and practice, and science policy
  • HTS 3083 – Technology and American Society (SS)
    The complex interplay between technical innovation and cultural change in the United States since 1850, with emphasis on the emergence of modern consumer-oriented society. 
  • HTS 3084 – Culture and Technology (SS)
    Modernism and post-modernism: this course investigates culturally creative responses to modern manufacturing, transportation (trains, cars, airplanes), evolving gender ideals, and new communications. 
  • HTS 3085 – Law, Technology, and Politics (SS)
    Examines the ways in which courts, legislatures, and regulatory agencies have responded to challenges posed by new technology and shaped the course of technical change. 
  • HTS 3086 – Sociology of Medicine and Health (SS)
    Relationship between health and society, including health care problems in the United States and culture's role in defining health and sickness and in determining appropriate therapies. 
  • HTS 3087 – History of Medicine (SS)
    An introduction to historical perspectives on the development of medicine, and its relationship to health, illness, and society. Credit not allowed for both HTS 3087 and HTS 2080.
  • HTS 3088 – Race, Medicine, and Science (SS)
    The study of the intersection of race, medicine and science drawing on the literatures from a variety of disciplines. Examines the sociological and cultural concept of race and its usefulness as an analytical category. 
  • HTS 3089 – Science, Technology, and Sports (SS)
    This course examines what constitutes a "sport," debates on the role of social inequality in sports, and the intersection of science, technology and sport.
  • HTS 3100 – Introduction to Museum Studies (SS)
    Covers theoretical and practical issues in museum studies, including the role of material culture in scholarly work, registration of artifacts, exhibit design, and public relations.
  • HTS 3102 – Social Theory and Structure (SS)
    Introduction to social theory, providing students with skills for reading theory and examining works of major social theorists, including Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Gilman, and Bourdieu. 
  • HTS 3103 – Honors Thesis
    This course is designed to allow honors students to distinguish themselves by producing a significant, original research paper.
  • HTS 38X3 – Special Topics
    Allows a group of students and a professor to study topics not covered in other courses in the department. Some recent examples include
  • HTS 4XXX – History, Technology, & Society Elective (SS)
  • HTS 4001 – Seminar in U.S. History (SS)
    Advanced undergraduate topics in U.S. history. Designed for HTS majors, but open to select other students (with approval) with junior or senior standing. Some recent examples include
  • HTS 4011 – Seminar in Sociology (SS)
    Advanced undergraduate topics in sociology. Designed for HTS majors, but open to other students with junior or senior standing. Some recent examples include
  • HTS 4031 – Seminar in European History (SS)
    Advanced undergraduate topics in European history. Designed for HTS majors, but open to other students with junior or senior standing. Some recent examples include
  • HTS 4061 – Seminar in Asian History (SS)
    Advanced undergraduate topics in Asian history. Designed for HTS majors, but open to other students with junior or senior standing. Some recent examples include
  • HTS 4081 – Seminar in History of Technology (SS)
    Advanced undergraduate topics in the history of technology. Designed for HTS majors, but open to other students with junior or senior standing. Some recent examples include
  • HTS 4086 – Seminar in Health, Medicine, and Society
    Advanced undergraduate topics in health and medicine. Designed for HTS majors and HMS minors, but open to other students with junior or senior standing, with approval. 
  • HTS 4091 – Seminar in Global Issues (IP)
    Advanced undergraduate topics in global issues. Designed for HTS majors, but open to other students with junior or senior standing, with approval
  • HTS 4694 – Internship- Paid
    Undergraduate internship for which the student is paid and receives audit credit. Juniors and seniors only. 
  • HTS 4695 – Internship- Credit
    Unpaid undergraduate internship for which the student receives pass/fail credit. Juniors and seniors only. 
  • HTS 4698 – Research Assistantship
    Independent research conducted under the guidance of a faculty member. Juniors and seniors only. 
  • HTS 4699 – Undergraduate Research
    Independent research conducted under the guidance of a faculty member. Juniors and seniors only. 
  • HTS 48X3 – Special Topics
    Allows a group of students and a professor to study topics not covered in other courses in the department.
  • HTS 4925-4929 – Special Problems in History, Technology, and Society
    Individual studies of topics of current interest in history, technology, and society.