News: Update to HOPE Eligibility Calculation System

HOPE Scholarship

Posted December 3, 2018

Effective December 2018, Georgia Tech, along with all other colleges and universities in Georgia, will use CHECS to transmit grades and transfer credit information to GSFC for their review and approval to determine continued eligibility.

Presuming all goes well, students may barely notice the transition. The eligibilty rules for these scholarships are not changing. The existing eligibility rules will remain the same but the process of how schools, including GT, will be informed of eligibility and how awards will be approved is changing.

The transition to CHECS will occur this December. Beginning in January 2019, students will need to use GSFC’s website GAFutures to review their status and eligibility. Access to GAFutures does require the student to have a GAFutures account. For more information about GAFutures and access to the portal, please visit the GSFC’s site:

Will Spring Semester awards/disbursements be impacted? Initially it could be – the timing may be a challenge but much effort has gone into making the process work. Since Georgia Tech is no longer performing the academic eligibility review, the timing of when final awards will be determined and actual disbursements completed will now require GSFC prior approval. While we wait for final approval to disburse funds for the Spring Semester, your award amounts will appear as “anticipated aid” on your Bursar account.

Several offices, including the Registrar’s Office and Scholarships and Financial Aid, are partners of the new CHECS process and will be happy to help students with any questions.