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Spring 2024 Classes

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CourseSectionCRNTitleInstructorDay1TimeLocationMax EnrollmentCourse Enrollment
HIST 2111A26247United States to 1877GeronaT,R1400 - 1515 1800
HIST 2111B33959United States to 1877LawtonM,W0800 - 0915Skiles 202490
HIST 2111C33961United States to 1877LawtonM,W1230 - 1345Skiles 368480
HIST 2112A26248United States since 1877FlammingT,R1100 - 1215East Architecture 1231800
HIST 2112A134132United States since 1877LawtonT,R1700 - 1815Skiles 254470
HIST 2112B24072United States since 1877SmithT,R0930 - 1045East Architecture 1231800
HIST 2112C33958United States since 1877 M,W1100 - 1215Paper Tricentennial 1091800
HIST 2112D33962United States since 1877 M,W1700 - 1815 490
HTS 2001A34128Early American HistoryGeronaT,R0930 - 1045East Architecture 107400
HTS 2007A33967History of the New SouthFlammingM,W1400 - 1515East Architecture 107400
HTS 2016A33969Social Issues & Public PolicyVidmarT,R1700 - 1815Engineering Sci and Mechanics 201400
HTS 2017A33971Environmental SociologyBrownM,W1700 - 1815Allen Sustainable Education 110400
HTS 2018A34035Food and SocietyWindersM,W1400 - 1515Old Civil Engr G10100
HTS 2018HP34040Food and Society 
Restricted to Honors Program students only.
WindersM,W1400 - 1515Old Civil Engr G10150
HTS 2041A29749History-Modern Middle EastBierM,W0930 - 1045 400
HTS 2053A34131Mod Latin American HistoryVergaraM,W1100 - 1215East Architecture 107400
HTS 2082B33976Tech& Sci-Industrial AgeHildT,R1230 - 1345West Architecture 258400
HTS 2084A34130Technology and SocietySchatzbergT,R1700 - 1815College of Computing 102400
HTS 2100A33981Sci, Tech & Modern WorldHildT,R1530 - 1645East Architecture 107400
HTS 2694A30259HTS Internship - PaidSingh   50
HTS 2695A30842HTS Internship-CreditSingh   50
HTS 3005A33982American Environmental HistoryMichneyT,R1400 - 1515 400
HTS 3011A34067City in American HistoryAmsterdamM,W1230 - 1345Skiles 268400
HTS 3017B33985Sociology of GenderVidmarT,R1400 - 1515East Architecture 309400
HTS 3026A34123Sociology of Race and EthnicityPearsonT,R1530 - 1645Old Civil Engr G10250
HTS 3029A29750Ancient Rome: From Greatness to RuinsViezureW,F0930 - 1045Manufacture Rel Discip Complex 3403400
HTS 3030A33547Medieval EuropeViezureW,F1100 - 1215Molecular Sciences and Engr 1201A400
HTS 3041A34127Modern SpainToneM,W0800 - 0915Skiles 255400
HTS 3051A34124Women & Gender-Middle EastBierM,W1400 - 1515East Architecture 309400
HTS 3055A29751Globalization Modern EraBrownT,R0930 - 1045Skiles 268400
HTS 3061A33991Modern ChinaLuM,W1230 - 1345Van Leer C241400
HTS 3068A33993Social MovementsWinders   400
HTS 3071HP33519Sociology of Crime 
Restricted to Honors Program students only.
D'UngerT,R0930 - 1045Curran Street Deck 210250
HTS 3081A33994Tech and EnvironmentVergaraM,W1400 - 1515Skiles 368400
HTS 3813A33996Special Topics: 
Boxing, Race, and American Culture
SmithT,R1400 - 1515Skiles 268400
HTS 4011A34068Seminar in Sociology: Sociology of the Life Course
Restricted to HTS majors only.
YuanW1230 - 1345Old Civil Engr 104150
HTS 4011A34068Seminar in Sociology: Sociology of the Life Course
Restricted to HTS majors only.
YuanW1400 - 1515Old Civil Engr 104150
HTS 4694A26433HTS Internship-PaidSingh   50
HTS 4695A26434HTS Internship-CreditSingh   50
HTS 4813BS29839Special Topics: 
Sports Law and Public Policy
SiegalT,R1230 - 1345Skiles 268200
SOC 1101A34065Intro to SociologyHydeT,R1400 - 1515Paper Tricentennial 1091800
SOC 1101B33548Intro to SociologyBudakT,R1230 - 1345East Architecture 107480
SOC 1101C33549Intro to SociologyBudakT,R1400 - 1515East Architecture 107480
SOC 1101D33953Intro to SociologyBudakT,R0800 - 0915Howey Physics L5490
SOC 1101E20291Intro to Sociology W,F1400 - 1515Clough UG Learning Commons 1521800
GT Lorraine        
HTS 2037RMZ3417120th Century Europe
GT Lorraine Spring 2024
*This class is taught in Metz, France at GT-Lorraine
StonemanT,R1400 - 1515Georgia Tech Lorraine300
HTS 2084R28170Technology and Society
GT Lorraine Spring 2024
*This class is taught in Metz, France at GT-Lorraine
StonemanT,R1100 - 1215Georgia Tech Lorraine300

##Fulfills the Non-U.S. requirement for HTS majors.
**Fulfills the Science, Technology, and Medicine requirement for HTS majors.