Certificate in European Affairs

Students may earn a certificate in European Affairs, sponsored by the School of History and Sociology and the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs.

Europe has long been and remains today culturally, economically, politically, and strategically vital. The study of European affairs enriches our understanding of history and contemporary society and prepares students for opportunities in international business, government service, and a wide variety of other careers and fields.


  • 12 credit hours of courses in HTS and INTA, approved by the adviser (see approved courses below).
  • 9 of the 12 hours must be at the 3000 level or above.
  • At least one course must be taken from HTS and one from INTA.
  • Certain course substitutions may be approved by the adviser, including appropriate special-topics courses and seminars.
  • All courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis, and a grade of C or better must be received in each course.
  • Students majoring in HTS or INTA may not count courses toward the certificate that are required by their majors.
  • For more information on the certificate in European Affairs, email Sonya Boadu.

Additional requirements and information about undergraduate certificate programs can be found in the Georgia Tech Course Catalog.


  • HTS 1031 Europe since the Renaissance
  • HTS 3028 Ancient Greece: Gods, Heroes, and Ruins
  • HTS 3029 Ancient Rome: From Greatness to Ruins
  • HTS 3030 Medieval Europe, 350-1400
  • HTS 2036 Revolutionary Europe, 1789-1914
  • HTS 2037 Twentieth Century Europe, 1914 to present
  • HTS 2803-23 Special Topics (with approval)
  • HTS 3031 European Labor History
  • HTS 3032 Modern European Intellectual History
  • HTS 3033 Medieval England
  • HTS 3035 Britain from 1815 to 1914
  • HTS 3038 The French Revolution
  • HTS 3039 Modern France
  • HTS 3041 Modern Spain
  • HTS 3043 Modern Germany
  • HTS 3045 Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
  • HTS 3063 Outposts of Empire: Comp. Hist. British Colonization
  • HTS 4031-5 Seminars in European History
  • HTS 4823-43 Special Topics (with approval)
  • INTA 2220 Government and Politics of Western Europe
  • INTA 3120 European Security Issues
  • INTA 3221 Government and Politics of Germany
  • INTA 3320 Political Economy of European Integration
  • INTA 4121 Seminar in Europe: European Security
  • INTA 4230 Seminar in Europe: European Union
  • INTA 4801-3 Special Topics (with approval)