The School of History and Sociology (HSOC) awards certificates in recognition of concentrated knowledge in a given area.

Students can focus their social science courses and acquire advanced knowledge in five areas: African American Studies, Asian Affairs, European Affairs, History, or Sociology.

The certificate demonstrates your achievement in areas beyond your major to employers and graduate institutions and is helpful to students going on to graduate study in law, medicine, or business. It adds breadth both to your education and to your resume. Beyond the introductory level courses, all history and sociology classes are listed with the "HTS" prefix. The course title usually indicates whether the class is history or sociology.

Courses required by name and number and/or used to satisfy Core Areas A through E in a student's major degree program may not be used in satisfying the course requirements for a certificate. However, courses used in a minor also may be used to fulfill other elective requirements (free electives, technical electives, etc.) in the student's major degree program.  Please refer to the Georgia Tech catalog for more information on the rules and regulations guiding certificates.

If you would like more information or are interested in a certificate, please consult with Sonya Boadu.  To participate in the program, you need only fill out a simple form.

Certificates in History and Sociology (HSOC)