News: SWS-South, Sociologists for Women in Society-South


Posted January 28, 2019

Have you heard of SWS-South? If you are committed to feminist, intersectional scholarship and work/ study in the South you should!

Why Join SWS-South?

  • Student Membership $5, New Membership $15, Renewal $20
  • Strong network of scholars that work diligently to mentor and support all members
  • Meets annually at the Southern Sociological Society meetings
  • Sponsor research presentations, teaching sessions, and professional workshops
  • Work with local activist and non-profit organisation local to the meeting location
  • Committment to research and activism that supports the success of all women in society
  • Sessions as Southerns that highlight members and the mission of the organisation
  • Coffee for a cause silent auction and a happy hour to raise money for a chosen organisation (also a great place to meet awesome SWS-Sers).
  • Awards
  • A newsletter that highlights members

Membership runs April 1 -March 31, So consider joining for the 2019/2020 year
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